Sunday, May 1, 2011

Party Platter Sunday

For a while now, Joey and I have been in search of a 'family tradition' to start as we march closer to July 9th. Growing up, my family never really had a Sunday night food tradition but a lot of my friend's families did. Popcorn and M&Ms for dinner, make your own meal, Sunday night pizza dinner, you get the picture.

Tonight Joey and I finally stumbled upon a soon-to-be tradition that feels right for us! We're calling it Party Platter Sunday. Exciting, I know. :)

Tonight's party platter was courtesy of a trip to Trader Joe's this afternoon. It included:
-Sun Dried Tomato, Basil and Provolone Chicken Meatballs (for him)
-Steamed green beans with grated Parmesan cheese
-Sliced pears
-Sharp white cheddar cheese
-Raw broccoli
-Multi-grain crackers
-Trader Joe's White Bean and Basil Hummus (amazing!)

Eating this way was so much fun! And the mix-and-match style took the pressure off me to come up with something orchestrated and cohesive. I can imagine in the future it would also be a great way to empty out the fridge and pantry.

As our wedding gets closer, I get even more excited to start more traditions like this. Do any of your have Sunday night traditions?

Happy Monday, everyone!



Lindsay said...

My fiance and I have a Monday night tradition of sushi. Sushi every monday! That platter looks awesome!

Megan said...

I love traditions! I like that you two are making the effort to make them :)

Shaina. said...

Lurker here! Are you guys getting married on July 9? You picked a lovely date - that's my birthday! :)
As for Sunday night traditions, I don't have any - like you, I didn't get too much in the way of kitchen memories or bonding growing up. I do hope to start some of my own someday!

Lauren at Keep It Sweet said...

I love that idea! Sometimes a mix of food like that is the perfect meal!

Michelle said...

What a great idea! We have homemade pizza friday- we try to make a different kind every weekend

helen said...

I love the platter idea! We do not have traditions on a certain weeknight per say, but we do have some traditions like we order pizza on nights before my husbands fishing tournaments.

Anonymous said...

I love traditions! My hubbie and I don't really have one (maybe eating out occassionally on a Friday night) but growing up, my family *almost* always had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup every Sunday night.

Rachel @ The Avid Appetite said...

I absolutely love the idea of starting traditions with the significant other :) I think it's so important to carry on your own, but embark on new ones together. This is such a fun idea! I love it!

Jesse said...

yummy, its like a giant snack plate. i love having so many different tastes at dinner time and mixing it up. enjoy your new tradition!

classic case said...

Oh yum! I love it. My family had popcorn Sundays, but I like this idea way better. And I must try that hummus!

Madison Mayberry said...

We ARE getting married on July 9th! Seems like it's a pretty great day all around. :)

Michelle -
I love the homemade pizza Friday idea. Maybe Joey and I will have to adopt more than one tradition!

Natalie Clark said...

Growing up it was always Breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights. I decided since I liked it so much, my husband and I would carry on the tradition when we got married. It's been a big hit!!

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