Friday, April 8, 2011

Today I Love...

{My first true spa experience in Sonoma}

This morning I woke up to an inbox full of pictures (some very embarrassing) from childhood courtesy of my step-mom, Andrea (pictured above). Truth be told, everyone in my family hates the phrase 'step-mom' or 'step-sister' because it doesn't seem to reflect how close we are as a family, so for now I'll just be calling her Andrea on Espresso and Cream.

Even though some of the pictures were less than flattering, I thought I would post them anyway. It's fun to take a look back at old pictures every now and again and good for a little laugh, too.

{My grandma Max and little sister, Taylor}

{Taylor as an adorable little toddler}

{My sister Ashley, who is now 18(!!) and graduating from high school this year} 

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Back with a killer breakfast recipe on Monday.



Lauren at Keep It Sweet said...

Have a great weekend! Adorable pics:-)

Sarah Crosby said...

I LOVE going through old pictures... (even my akward stages of life ones) So fun. Have a great weekend!!

Megan said...

I wish my very first spa experience was in Sonoma :)

Hope you're having a fabulous day!

Rachel Humiston said...

So sweet! I love digging out some old photos :)

SarahErickson said...

I just love the backwards hat! At least you didn't have the bangs that stuck out the front. :) Love you, Mad!

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