Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grandma Dorothy's 90th Birthday

My wonderful grandma turned 90 last month and, of course, our family got together to celebrate the milestone. Over the years I've realized that reaching 90 is not easy and most certainly not always fun and games, but I have yet to meet another 90-year-old who is as mentally sharp and intelligent as she is.

If you're ever in Iowa and in search of someone to play a mean game of Scrabble with, I would highly suggest you take up a game with grandma Dorothy. Just don't be upset when she beats you.



Lauren at Keep It Sweet said...

That is so nice that your grandma is in such good shape at 90!! I love that last photo of you and Joey:-)

Jennifurla said...

What a great time for her and family. She could probably beat me at scrabble...but just let her try yahtzee with me!

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