Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adventures in San Diego: Part 1

{Looking only half awake at the San Diego airport}

{We had time to kill before checking into our hotel so we ate an amazing lunch at Zanzibar. Vegetarian egg white omelete and whole grain toast? Yes please!}

 {A beautiful fruit and water greeting surprise from my family.}

{My handsome hubby enjoying our first dinner in San Diego at La Fiesta. He said if he could have one meal be his last, this meal at La Fiesta would be it.}

{Monday we cashed in our tickets (Thanks Amber and Jake!) and explored the San Diego Zoo. I haven't been to a zoo in ages and loved every minute of it.}

{Joey hanging with the flamingos.}

{And me hanging out with the flamingos.}

{I couldn't stop talking about how much Nutmeg would love the bird and duck exhibits.}

{Day 2 was all about the beach, La Jolla, to be exact, where we got sun burned as we played at the beach, biked around the area and explored the sea coves in sea kayaks.}

{Sunning at La Jolla.}

 {Joey capturing a candid moment while waiting for our sandwiches at The Cheese Shop in La Jolla.}

{Day 3: Making the trip up to Los Angeles for the day.}

{Our very best attempt at looking like we belong in Beverly Hills while we cruise Rodeo Drive in our convertible. For the record, we did not fit in.}

{Hello, Rodeo.}

{Is there any better way to end the day than a trip to a VEGAN fast food joint? Homemade black bean burgers, homemade ketchup, and a smoothie made with almond milk, frozen berries and flax oil. Heaven! For Joey, we made a trip to Wendy's. We're working on that marital compromise thing.}

Part 2 coming at you as soon as we return! Thank you all so much for your sweet words about our big day. I has made my day each time I read one of your comments and am just as anxious as you are to get my hands on more photos to post!


Lisa @ Sunny Seed Stories said...

Oo, I think I have zoo jealousy! Looks like you are having a great time!! :)

Tara @ Chip Chip Hooray said...

What great pictures! It looks like you're having a wonderful time--I hope the fun continues! :)

Cindy @The Flipping Couple said...

Looks like such a fun trip and perfect weather!! Enjoy what's left of it!

Romance In A Glance said...

We went to all of these places on our honeymoon! I want to move there so bad...LA in particular! La Jolla was amazing because of the views and the seals!!!! :) Loved it!

Amber said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! We are all here at the Hofmeyer vacation and LOVED taking a peak at your fun week! Love you guys!

DessertForTwo said...

Awww so fun to see!!!

Isnt' the plethora of healthy food in Cali amazing??? I cracked up when you said y'all went to Wendy's for Joey :)

Jessica said...

Welcome to the west coast! Congrats on the nuptials. What an exciting time!


Anonymous said...

I can see the just-wedded excitement oozing through your smiles! Looking at your honeymoon pictures just brought a huge smile to my face and reminded me of how much fun we had at our honeymoon (almost) 3 years ago. The experience is like no other! Keep enjoying yours. p.s. That food looks awesome! :)

Lauren at Keep It Sweet said...

So glad you are having fun, I love all your photos!

Anonymous said...

hii madison--i live here in SD- So if you would like any suggestions of places to go hike, eat, any farmers markets to check out, beaches to hang at, etc., please let me know!



Betsy Gluten Freedom said...

I love San Diego! The zoo is such a great spot. Was just on vacation in Laguna Beach myself. Ah, the west coast!

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