Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midweek Mini-Post

E-mails have come in from a few people asking where I got the jars pictured in yesterday's Light and Fit Berry Sorbet post. I figured I would take this opportunity to put together a little midweek mini-post.

These beautiful little jars are actually Ball Jars purchased from the baking isle at Target. I found these jars perfect since they are smaller, only 4-oz., than regular canning jars making them a more manageable size to fill. Oh, and did I mention the great price? You can snag a dozen for around $8.

Since purchasing these jars last weekend, I've been obsessed. Newly-married friends moved in last week a few miles from my apartment, but instead of bringing a housewarming gift that needed to be stored somewhere on a shelf, I brought something that can be eaten with a spoon: homemade peanut butter. Tied up with a string and wrapped in a gift bag, these little jars of peanut butter are the perfect way to say "welcome home."

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Kat said...

Those jars are way to cute. They would be so perfect for all of the nut butters I have been making. And what a great price! I love Target

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